Relying on Real Dr.lawyers, awarded the first batch of "judicial ministry civilized law firm", "national excellent law firm" two awards Guangdong green law firm was established, headquartered in Guangzhou Pearl River New City CBD International Building Shuangcheng, is a always adhering to the innovation of the business philosophy, and constantly strengthen the service consciousness in advance, company management, service standardization, team operation, integrated development of professional legal service team.

Real Dr.lawyers gathers the China University of political science and law, Sun Yat sen University, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Chinese famous universities, doctor of law, master's educational background of a number of legal elite, and lack experience, quite qualified expert lawyers in key service in real estate customer at the same time, also in the field of corporate risk management, commercial arbitration, perennial legal counsel, bankruptcy and Liquidation Legal Affairs hewouldnothavebeen.

In the past, present and future, Real Dr.lawyers are trying to play their own unique advantages, integration of resources, providing quality services to the international legal institutions steadily forward.


First, real estate legal services:

1 construction of real estate enterprises and the establishment of the item company legal services;

Three 2 old transformation, land transfer, housing, relocation and resettlement legal services;

3 real estate project development funds to raise legal services;

4 real estate project planning, construction, investment, sale, sales of legal services;

5 legal services for construction projects;

6 real estate (incremental housing, the stock of housing) sales, mortgage, mortgage, financing, security law services;

7 real estate intermediary service agencies (brokers) to provide perennial or special legal services;

8 second-hand housing sales and special legal advisory services;

9 corporate legal risk prevention and control;

10 company perennial legal consultant service;

11 private custom perennial legal counsel services;

12 construction projects, real estate sales, leasing, property management and other disputes settlement (litigation, arbitration agents).

Second, legal advisory services: to provide customers with a comprehensive legal services.

Third, the company legal affairs: the establishment of the company, joint venture, cooperation, merger, reorganization, equity transfer, asset restructuring, legal risk prevention and control, accounts receivable recovery, bankruptcy and liquidation.

Fourth, litigation and arbitration agency affairs:all kinds of civil, economic, criminal, administrative litigation cases and commercial arbitration cases.


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